Sano Prakash (English: “Small Light”) is a non-profit organisation about education for street, homeless and economically underprivileged children in Butwal (Nepal).


Momentarily, we are working on different projects.

The ultimate goal consists in building a school and a home for the children.


Thank you very much for your support! Dhanyavaad! धन्यवाद!

Nepal (Amit): +977 9857047350

Switzerland (Jeanine): +41 (0) 79 430 38 80

Junkiri Planet School

 A hearty welcome to Junkiri Planet -

the firefly planet!


Get your seatbelts fasten and enjoy the magical travel to our school in

Tilottama, Nepal, a school for

children from all backgrounds, a place

where children grow wings!


Because "a child without education

is like a bird without wings"

(tibetian proverb).

Sano Prakash Home

"Isn't it the right of a child, to spread its wings and fly, fly with the wind, very high?


Isn't it the right of a child, to play, to grow and to laugh, without constantly

having to worry?" 

(extract from the Sano Prakash song)


Sano Prakash Home shall become a place for street children and underprivileged children, where those rights of education, love, warmth and security are ensured.