January 2021

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Article in the newspaper:

Another article has been published in the newspaper of "Limmattal".

We are very excited about it. Enjoy the reading. ;)

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An article has been published in the local newspaper of

Schlieren about Jeanine, Amit and their projects in Nepal.

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Unfortunately, we had to cancel our charity concert from 04.07.2020

because of the current situation caused by the Corona virus.

We hope that we can hold the concert at a later time.  

Past programs


On 30.11.2019, the women association of Urdorf organised a market where they sold wonderful products in favour of Sano Prakash. We thank the team from the bottom of our hearts!


On 20.09.2019, the Brassissimo had a charity concert in favour of Sano Prakash. The Intercultural Youth Group of Zurich organised a delicious aperitif. It was a great evening and we thank everyone for their work and support!


On 11.05.2019, we had our first own charity concert. Check out the pictures and videos of this great evening! We thank everybody who was there to help and support us! :-)



 On 26.05.2019, we had another charity concert with Patrik Elsaid and his choirs, the school choir of KSL, the secondary school choir of RG Rämibühl and the LimmiChor. It was awesome! Thank you very much! :-) 

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